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Product Code: ATE-CN

ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

No longer made, last few left, please phone in before ordering

ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid is a great product for the enthusiast driver all the way up to the competitive club driver. 100% synthetic fluid is specifically designed to resist the high temperatures of racing brakes and clutch systems. The elevated boiling point of ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid (593F) enables effective braking even under the extreme conditions of competition. The very high wet boiling point (420F), is superior to conventional brake fluids and provides a particularly efficient braking system in rain/high humidity environments. If you're thinking of replacing your brake lines, pads or just want to get better performance out of your stock brake system, this is a great product to make bleeding your brakes worth your time. Don't replace your brake fluid with stock fluid if you have the opportunity to go to a performance brake fluid like the ATE Fluid.

The blue tint of the ATE Super Blue fluid makes bleeding brakes easy! You can easily tell when you have flushed out the older fluid.

Performance Features

  • Minimal decrease of boiling point due to excellent water locking properties.
  • Non-foaming when filling and bleeding the brake system.
  • Excellent corrosion protection due to selected additives.
  • High safety tolerance against steam bubbles.
  • Makes brake fluid changing intervals of up to 3 years possible.


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