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By-Pass Oil Filters & Mounting Kits Product Information

Engine wear is caused by dirt particles larger than 5 microns. The AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter removes particles as small as 1/10 of a micron, virtually eliminating engine wear. AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filters filter all the oil in a six-quart system in about five minutes at an average engine speed equivalent to 45 mph.

Frame Mount 1
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Under Hood Mount 1
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The AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter provides the best possible filtration protection against wear, oil degradation, rust and corrosion. Working in conjunction with the engineís full-flow oil filter, the AMSOIL By-Pass Filter operates by filtering oil on a "partial-flow" basis. It draws approximately ten percent of the oil at any one time and traps the extremely small, wear-causing contaminants and water that full-flow filters canít remove. The AMSOIL By-Pass Filter typically filters all the oil in the system several times an hour, so the engine continuously receives analytically clean oil.
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Typical Installation Diagram for 
BMK-02 Kits.

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Mounting Kits Installation and Servicing Instructions

Size Measurement

Reduces Wear
Approximately 60 percent of all engine wear is caused by dirt particles in the 5 to 20 micron range. These particles can get inside the precision clearances between engine components and cause severe damage. While full-flow oil filters generally stop contaminants no smaller than 25 to 40 microns, the AMSOIL By-Pass Filter effectively stops particles smaller than one micron in size, substantially reducing engine wear.

Prevents Oil Degradation, Rust and Corrosion
Water enters motor oil as a combustion by-product or as a condensate. Water contamination of the motor oil can cause extreme engine damage. Water causes metal surface rust and corrosion, which increases friction and wear and deteriorates the close-fitting tolerances between engine components. In addition, water reacts with other oil contaminants to form corrosive acids, which also damage metal components. The AMSOIL By-Pass Filter removes water, reducing the risk of oil degradation, engine rust and corrosion.

Extends Oil Drain Intervals
Because the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter removes water and particles smaller than one micron, it significantly increases the time oil can safely be left in the engine. In fact , engines using AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil and an AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter routinely show much lower rates of engine wear - even when the oil is used for significantly longer drain intervals - than engines using conventional products and conventional oil drain intervals. That saves motorists time and money and helps protect the environment by creating substantially less used oil.

Dual Remote Filter System
The AMSOIL Dual Remote Oil Filtration System converts an engineís full-flow oil filter system into a full-flow/by-pass oil filtration system by attaching an AMSOIL Full-Flow Oil Filter and AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass Oil Filter onto a remote mount. The Dual Remote System provides superior filtration efficiency, increased oil capacity and improved oil filtration accessibility.

Typical Installation Diagram for 
BMK-3 Kit.

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AMSOIL By-Pass Filter Replacement Chart
Type of Unit Stock Number Size (Approx.) Additional Oil Needed Crankcase Capacity Normal
Service Life b

(Used with any DUAL REMOTE SYSTEM)

EABP90 Diam. = 4.5 in.
Height = 6 in.
With Mnt. = 8 in.
1 qt. up to 9 qt. 25,000 miles or 1 year

(approximately 4 times normal drain interval)

Pleasure Vehicles, Light Trucks and Smaller Commercial Applications
BE-100 Diam. = 4.5 in.
Height = 8 in.
With Mnt. = 10 in.
1.5 qt. up to 15 qt.
BE-110 Diam. = 4.5 in.
Height = 10 in.
With Mnt. = 12 in.
2 qt. up to 21 qt.

(Used with BMK-02 DUAL-GUARD)

(2) BE-90's Diam. = 5 in.
Height = 9.5 in.
With Mnt. = 8 in.
2 qt. 15 to 18 qt. 2 times normal oil drain interval Large Trucks, Construction, Farm and Industrial Equipment

(minimum sump capacity = 15 qt.)

(2) BE-100's Diam. = 5 in.
Height = 9.5 in.
With Mnt. = 10 in.
3 qt. 15 to 30 qt.
(2) BE-110's Diam. = 5 in.
Height = 9.5 in.
With Mnt. = 12 in.
4 qt. 15 to 42 qt.

a. Filters can be used on sumps of larger capacity but then require more frequent replacement.  Full details on service life included with filter installation instructions

b. Data determined in a non-turbo gasoline engine with AMSOIL 100% Synthetic Motor Oil and AMSOIL Full-Flow Oil Filter.  Service life varies in other engines (turbo and diesel) and with other oils and filters.

APPLICATIONS (See the Filtration Systems Application Guide)


Filter (Order separately unless noted)


BE-90, 100, 110

SDF-15, 26, 34, 42, 57, 84, 96

Vehicles with sump capacities greater 15 qts.




Any size AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass (mount requires 2 filters and all hoses and fittings)

"When we took this Chevrolet 396 engine apart (using AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40, Reusable Air Filter and By-Pass Oil Filter), it was in the best condition of any engine I have ever seen. It looked like it had about 80,000 miles on it instead of over 535,000. The bearings were not even worn to the brass and the rings were not worn out. It was clean inside, no sludge or carbon at all."

K.A., Liberal, Kansas

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