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BMK-3 Dual Remote By-Pass Filter Mounting Kit (Reversable Remote Mount)
Installation Instructions
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Product Code: BMK-3L or BMK-3R

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Read all instructions completely before attempting to install this unit. Improper installation could result in serious system and/or equipment damage. The installation of this system is not difficult, however, some mechanical ability is necessary. If unsure, please consult your mechanic.

WARNING: Extreme care should be taken to avoid bodily harm during installation. Before starting, ensure the engine is cool to avoid burns and never work in the engine compartment area with the engine running.

A. Getting started
1. Check all parts against the parts list and inspect for damage.
2. Make sure you have the tools needed for the job.

Recommended tool list:

Adjustable wrench
7/16" wrench (2)
13/16" wrench
7/8" wrench (2)
15/16" wrench
5/16" Allen wrench
Torque wrench
Side cutter
Utility knife
Adjustable filter wrench
Drain oil pan
1/4" drill bit
Center punch

B. Filter selection
Any one of 8 different size AMSOIL Full-Flow Oil Filters and 3 different AMSOIL By-Pass Filters may be used with this mount. Select a full-flow filter that is equivalent or larger than the one originally installed on your vehicle. The larger the filter used, the greater the filtration capacity and the longer the filter life. The By-Pass filter should be the largest for which space is available. Use the dimension information below as well as the data in diagram A to assist you in selecting your filters.

AMSOIL Filters
SDF-26 3.75" 7.04"   BE-110 4.25"
SDF-15* 3.75" 5.19"   BE-100 4.25"
SDF-96 3.75" 4.25"   BE-90* 4.25"
SDF-42 3.75" 3.92" * Most commonly used filters
SDF-34 2.95" 4.73"
SDF-84 3.12" 4.00"
SDF-57 2.95" 3.38"
SDF-10 2.56" 2.85"

1. Survey the engine compartment for possible mounting locations. The mount should be located as close to the existing full-flow filter as possible. Solid structures such as firewall, fender well, radiator support or frame are common locations. Refer to diagram A for minimum area requirements and consider accessibility for servicing.

2. The filter mount can be rotated 180 in its mounting brackets. This allows the oil supply and return hoses to enter the mount on either the right or left hand side. Choose the side that will minimize the need for bends in the hoses or hose fittings. Also, refer to digram B for preferred mounting angle positions.

3. When the location has been determined, use the mounting template provided to locate and mark mounting holes. This can be easily done with a center punch and hammer.

4. With a 1/4" drill bit, drill out the previously marked mounting holes and attach the two piece mount bracket. Use the 4 - 1" long 1/4" bolts, nuts, small washer and fender washers provided. Note the assembly diagram D for details. Using two 7/16" wrenches or socket, tighten to 8 foot pounds.

5. Apply thread sealant onto the two "0" ring adapter fittings as noted in diagram E. Install fittings in mount end adjacent to the arrows. Using a 7/8" wrench tighten to 40-43 foot pounds. If desired, optional 90 angle fitting or 45 angle fittings may be installed at this time. Do not use thread sealant on either end of the angle fittings, tighten to 525-575 inch pounds or from finger tight rotate an additional 60 or 1/6 of a turn. Keep in mind the direction you wish to have the hoses intersect the mount.

6. Apply thread sealant as noted in diagram E to the Allen head "0" ring plug. Using a 5/16" Allen head wrench, install plug in remaining mount port and tighten to 40-43 foot pounds.

7. Attach the filter mount to the mounting brackets using 4-1-1/2" long 1/4" bolts, nuts and washers provided. Warning: The bolts must be installed so that the nuts are on the side opposite the filter nipples. Failure to do this will result in the bolts hitting the oil filters. Using two 7/16" wrenches or socket, tighten to 8 foot pounds.

C. Oil Supply
1. Using a 13/16" wrench, install two adapter fittings into the Spin-On filter adapter using thread sealant as noted in diagram E. Tighten to 28 foot pounds or 2-3 turns beyond finger tight.

2. Using an oil drain pan to control any loss of oil, remove the existing engine full-flow oil filter. Clean the gasket seating area on the engine with a clean lint free cloth.

3. With the engine filter nipple now exposed, match it with one of the four color-coded adapter bushings. The correct bushing will thread on the nipple easily and with little free play. If you were previously using an AMSOIL Full- Flow Oil Filter or know the nipple thread size, use diagram F (below) to determine the proper Adapter bushing color.

4. Apply thread sealant to the outside thread of the selected bushing as noted in diagram E.

5. With the knurled end of the bushing pointing out, thread into the spin-on filter adapter.

6. Two "0" ring sizes and an adapter plate are provided to accommodate a variety of filter gasket seating areas. Compare the "0" rings with the gasket on the filter you just removed. Use the "0" ring that is the closest match. If the larger "0" ring is to be used, so must the adapter plate and small "0" ring.

7. To ensure proper sealing and aid in installation, place a small amount of grease on both sides of the "0" ring(s) used. Install the spin-on filter adapter and adapter plate, if required, in place of the old oil filter. Tighten the adapter one full turn after adapter first contacts sealing surface, back off 1/8".

D. Oil feed and return lines
Note: The hose and hose fittings supplied with this kit have been matched to provide maximum performance and life expectancy. Interchanging with other types or brands is not recommended.

1. (Oil supply hose) Measure the amount of hose you will need to run from the Red colored port (labeled Out) on the spin-on adapter to the port with the arrow pointing In, on the filter mount. Additional length will be required to accommodate engine movement during operation. Also consider how the hose will be routed. Make sure the hose does not contact any hot or moving surfaces or sharp edges. Ensure a minimum bend radius of 1-1/2" is maintained at all corners. Bends in hose should not begin at hose fittings. See diagram E for additional details.

2. Using a utility knife, squarely cut the hose to the proper length.

3. I nstall hose fittings on both ends of the hose. Follow the instructions noted in diagram G. Tools required are one 7/8" wrench and one 15/16" wrench or vise. Note: Do not use any form of thread sealant anywhere on the hose fittings.

4. Route the hose assembly as noted in instruction D.1 and connect the hose fittings. Note: Optional 90 or 45 angle fittings may be installed at this time between the hose fittings and spin-on-adapter.

5. Using two 7/8" wrenches, tighten hose fitting swivel nuts and swivel nuts on angle fittings (if used) to 525-575 inch pounds or from finger tight, rotate an additional 60 or 1/6 of a turn. Note: Do not use any form of thread sealant anywhere on the hose or angle fittings.

6. (Oil return hose) Repeat steps D.1 through D.5. Connect hose at port labeled In (without red paint) on the spin-on adapter to the port with the arrow pointing Out, on the filter mount.

7. Use plastic ties to secure hose in position and away from damage. Trim ties using a side cutter. Note: Over tightening the plastic ties may cause the hose to collapse and restrict oil flow.

8. Fill the selected Full-Flow and By-Pass Filters with the same motor oil being used in the vehicle. Lubricate the filter gaskets with oil and spin filters onto mount. Tighten one full turn after filter gasket first contacts mount, back off 1/8".

E. Start up procedures
1. Check that all fittings and hoses are securely attached, and that the hoses are routed properly.

2. Check engine oil level. Fill to full mark if necessary.

3. Set vehicle parking brake, With transmission in park/neutral start the engine and immediately check oil pressure. Note: Pressure may initially take a moment or two to rise.
Caution: Carefully check for leaks at fittings, hoses and mount. If leaks are observed, STOP ENGINE IMMEDIATELY, repair leaks and continue.

4. After engine has warmed, shut off and re-check engine oil level. Fill as necessary.

5. Record vehicle mileage/operating hours and date of installation.

F. Periodic maintenance
1. Periodic visual inspection of the fittings and hoses is recommended. Check for leaks, hose dete- rioration and cuts. Repair and/or replace as necessary.

2. Refer to Recommended Filter Change Interval chart for servicing intervals.

3. To change the filter elements:

a. Ensure engine is off and use caution as the engine, oil and filter may be hot and could result in an injury.
b. Using a filter wrench, remove the filter elements. Dispose of properly.
c. Clean the filter gasket contact areas on the mount with a clean, lint-free rag.
d. Lubricate the new filter gaskets with clean oil or grease.
e. Fill filters as full as possible with engine oil.
f. Screw on new filters, tighten one full turn after filter gasket contacts mount. Back off 1/8".
g. Start engine and check for leaks.
h. Check engine oil level, fill as needed.

4. Record vehicle mileage/operating hours for future reference.

Mounting Angle Diagram B
(Recommendations are the same right to left and front to back)
Mounting angle above horizontal is not recommended
If your vehicle uses this AMSOIL Filter
This is the thread used on that vehicle
This is the bushing color you should use
If your vehicle uses this AMSOIL Filter
This is the thread used on that vehicle
This is the bushing color you should use
3/4" - 16
20mm x 1.5mm
22mm x 1.5mm
22mm x 1.5mm
20mm x 1.5mm
20mm x 1.5mm
3/4" - 16
3/4" - 16
20mm x 1.5mm
13/16" - 16
13/16" - 16
18mm x 1.5mm
3/4" - 16
13/16" - 16
3/4" - 16
13/16" - 16
3/4" - 16
18mm x 1.5mm
13/16" - 16
3/4" - 16
White 3/4" - 16
20mm x 1.5mm
Red 18mm x 1.5mm
Yellow 22mm x 1.5mm
3/4" - 16
Blue 20mm x 1.5mm and 13/16" - 16
Diagram G

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